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Spray On Chrome Process and Technology

The Spray On Chrome process uses a new, innovative technology that allows to achieve a durable multi-layer coating that looks and feels just like electroplated chrome. It is suitable for a variety of materials - plastic, wood, paper mache, foam, plaster, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, metals, composites etc.

The spray-on coating layers include a basecoat, a very thin layer of pure silver and finally, a protective clear coat (automotive grade). The result is a bright metallic mirror-like finish that can be applied to the entire object as well as to any selective areas.

In addition to bright chrome look, Spray On Chrome process allows to replicate the look of gold, brass, copper, any other metal and every possible shade of color.

The eye catching metalized finishes can be used in a variety of applications including advertising, interior design, model making, art and many others.

The Spray On Chrome process is not meant to be a direct replacement for conventional chrome plating technologies such as galvanic metal plating or vacuum metalizing. It is used where conventional plating technologies are unsuitable due to cost, size, design, substrate or environmental issues.

We can supply metalizing equipment, coating packages and colour tints for spray on chrome application. We have small kits for trying out the technology available in our eBay store.
All our kits that are available on eBay can also be ordered directly.

We are not resellers and supply our own patentable, exclusive and unique product that is made in Australia.

Please visit our FAQ page and our YouTube channel for more information.

New Development and Applications

We have exciting news for our current and future customers. We have finally made a breakthrough in spray metal plating formulations and, in addition to silver, also developed patentable spray metal plating formulas for mirror finish nickel, cobalt, copper, tin, indium and 24k gold, with some other metals currently in development stage.

Now it will be possible to do spray plating with all these metals at ambient temperature and with the same plating speed as silver metal, with cobalt metal finish looking very much like black chrome.

Both nickel and cobalt have much better tarnish resistance compared to silver, so now it will be possible to metalize a complete car.

This new development also means that you can now have real chrome for affordable price. As the actual process of plating with real chrome only takes a few minutes, you can significantly bring down the price by fully preparing the parts yourself for plating with real chrome over nickel.

We can offer special repair technique and materials that will make it possible to fully restore practically any old chrome plated part, no matter how badly damaged or pitted.

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